DJ Trina J Spins at The Dinah this weekend

by Dede Frain

DJ Trina J- resident DJ at First Friday was selected to spin at the LARGEST lesbian event in the world – The Dinah! DJ Trina J will be spinning at the Official Dinah Closing Party at Zelda’s Nightclub in Palm Springs. She will spin in the main room at First Friday this week and then head to Palm Springs on Saturday.trina-dinah-promo! Genre-unlimited DJ Trina J was born with music in her soul and a love for animals in her heart.  Gaining national attention with a record of consistent performances–Pridefest Denver (over 100,00 attendees), Rock to Vote 2008, and Unity Dance’08–she is currently Resident DJ for Babes Around Denver’s “First Friday,” the Nation’s largest monthly women’s party with attendance exceeding 1,500 every month. 
Her vast collection of music, married with her ability to command a rise and fall of BPM, as well as an innate ability to read a crowd, make Trina a triple threat. 
You can catch Trina J spinning on Sweet’s Caribbean Cruise later this year.
Serious about using her musical passion to save animals, DJ Trina J donates 100% of her DJ fees to organizations such as the ASPCA and various Humane Societies and shelters across the country.